Review policy 

If you’re interested in me reviewing your book please read the following:
Exposure Book Blog accepts YA, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance,and Urban Fantasy books for review. EBB may make exceptions for other genres depending on the book. Pitch a book and it may get picked!

Email for book reviews is

EBB tries to make sure that all books that are to be reviewed, are done within a 3 month timeframe from the time of accepting the book. However, books are reviewed in order received, unless for special circumstances. EBB can not AND will not be able to read every book sent to us. By sending a book you agree that you understand that. EBB accepts Ebooks, but prefers Print books. EBB also accepts audio books, if they come with the ebook/print. Print Books are preferred because EBB likes to take photos of each book and it’s easiest to do with a print book, than off a screen. If book is an ebook, it most likely will not have a picture of it besides the cover photo. 

All reviews are very honest. We are not reviewing the author, but the book. Please understand this when sending your book for review.

The Rating system is as follows:

5 stars: This book is amazing and will most likely recommend to others.

4 stars: Enjoyed the book. It was a good read.

3 stars: Liked the book but could have used adjustments.

2 stars: Didn’t really like it due to many issues that we had with the book.

1 star: Really did NOT like this book. Will never recommend to anyone.

DNF: Didn’t finish because couldn’t get into it or just didn’t like it